Mark Asked: 1998 cadilac deville alarm going off constantly and i have no remote to shut it off.?

i bought this car without factory stereo system and since the alarm is going off, i unplugged horns and drove it. is there a fuel system shut off could be being triggered. this cars wiring has been modified by a wanna be stereo installer. ive gone thru most of it but the factory stereo has something to do with alarm. is there a way to reset alarm and or reprogram a new remote to it? in the last week the car has died and am wondering if this is an alarm function or more likely a bad fuel pump?


Humveetech Answered:
Maybe it is the aftermarket alarm may be killing the system to prevent it from starting.In order to fix it even half way is pretty much rip it all out & put everything back to factory even the radio.That would be the only way to go unless you can find like Best Buy if they can do something with the system.They may have a similiar system like the ones they install & may be able to help you either get a new transmitter or disable the alarm system but I would start calling around to the local car audio shops & see who may be able to help

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