Nick Asked: 4 Channel Amplifier Wiring – DIY PVC Boombox?

I am planning on making an outdoor weatherproof PVC pipe boombox. Here is my parts list so far:


Power Source:

Option 1)

Option 2)


Option 1) Four 4 inch two-way speakers (1 speaker per channel):

Option 2) Only two of the 4 inch two-way speakers from option 1 (ch.1&2) along with two 8 inch marine subwoofers (ch.3&4):

I am not 100% certain on the exact design yet but it will be simliar to the other DIY PVC ghettoblasters that are out there. My main concerns are around my wiring and circuitry. I can not say I have had any hands on experience with assembling audio systems. That being said, I am not completely new to all of this (I have had systems in my past two vehicles, both of which I spent upwards of $3,500 on..). My question is can I safely wire my option 2 setup? I do not believe that you can bridge the channels on this particular amplifier. Another question, how is my battery setup looking? What option would you guys choose? I do not plan to use a head unit since the amplifier can connect directly to an iPod/Auxiliary cable. I am adding a bluetooth auxiliary receiver unit for wireless control as well. Any other advice and/or criticism would be greatly appreciated.



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