Selena: Like you had any other choice. Miley: What are the boys doing? Selena: Counting the money. Miley: Are they stupid? That's too much money to count. BOYS GET DOWN HERE. Nick, Joe, Justin, and Kevin: -comes downstairs- Miley: Guys, that's too much money to count, and have you guys properly introduced yourself to Demi? She's going to help Selena act. Kevin: Sorry, Welcome to the crew, Demi. I'm Kevin; I find us places to live. Joe: I'm Joe, I rob. –shakes her hand- Miley: MY BOYFRIEND. Demi: Okayokayokay. Justin: I'm Justin, I rob too. I also kill ladies with my looks. –winks- Selena: -gets up and punches his arm- Justin: OW. Demi: -laughs- Nice to meet you Justin. –turns to Nick- Nick: Yeah, I'm Nick. I'm the leader, the head robber, and I master under everything. Selena: Yeah, you master under being a jerk. Nick: I'll kick your ass! Selena: Do it! Nick: If you weren't Justin's girlfriend, I'd- Miley: Okay, guys. I'm hungry. Kevin: I cooked while you guys were gone. There's some spaghetti for all. Selena: Thank God! Come on, Demi! Nick: Wait hold on. She's not eating. Miley: What are you talking about? She's part of the crew. Nick: New rule, on your first day of being in the crew, you can't eat. Selena: Why the fuck not? –grabs Demi's arm- I don't care what you say. She's eating. –drags Demi to the kitchen- Nick: -turns to Justin- How do you date that girl? –goes into the kitchen- -Later- -Demi's POV- Selena and Miley were actually pretty cool, and so was <b>…</b>

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