Abdul Razzak (47) is an electrician by profession. Over the last two decades he has developed a number of innovations including a multipurpose twin chambered cooking vessel, a burglar alarm system, a phone with built-in charger, a dual faced fan, a letterbox with an audio alarm amongst many others. He stays with his family in Bibikulam in the temple city of Madurai, whose literary and historical antiquity dates back over 2500 years. His father was cook and had to toil hard to earn a living for his family, which included his wife, four daughters and three sons. For him, it was a continuous struggle to make ends meet. Owing to this condition, Razzak could only study till matriculation and that too, facing great hardship. Though average in studies, he was bestowed with a good observation and used to notice things, gadgets minutely to understand their functioning. After leaving school he joined a small workshop where he gradually picked up the skills of repairing electrical gadgets, progressively moving into coil winding and fabrication of household items.

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