Blackie Asked: Alarm system, land line and wireless phones stop working!! Are we a potential burglar ‘target’ or hi

About two months ago I was awake during the wee hours of the morning when everyone else was fast asleep. I heard someone outside my window patrolling and pacing back and forth around the yard – whoever this was, I'm assuming it was a potential burglar 'casing the house' was just visiting our yard for some reason.

Anyway, a week later we had the alarm company come and install an alarm system. We've had no problems thus far until a few days ago the phone line was disconnected and set off the burglar alarm. This has been happening nearly every 45 minutes since Monday which forced us to disable the alarm these past few days. The phone company came this afternoon and said it was a wiring issue but everything would be fine if we relocated the telephone base which we did and everything was fine until the alarm went off AGAIN twice during the last 2 hours – however THIS time when I tried to call the phone company, I couldn't make a call. In fact, I couldn't make ANY calls or receive calls! We tried every family member's cell phone and NONE of the cell phones associated with our account had reception!!

Call me paranoid, but there's something just too fishy about this situation – it may be coincidence but the timing of the the problem + the lack of wireless signal leads me to believe that it could be due to a potential mobile phone scanner. I don't know if someone is taunting us or if we're potential 'hits' but this is all so strange to me and I don't know what to do!!

Do any of you have any advice or am I just losing it!?


Dave J Answered:
It's possible a burglar is doing this in an attempt to get you to disable the alarm system. Use a neighbors phone and contact the police. I don't know if a burglar would go to such lengths to do all of this unless he knows there is something in your house worth stealing or intends to do something else. Does your alarm service have a phone monitoring system that automatically calls the police if it goes off or the fire department if a fire alarm goes off? I think most alarm systems are connected to phone lines and if someone were to cut the lines and set off the alarm, the alarm company will notice that they are unable to communicate with your home's alarm system and contact authorities.

serp82 Answered:
For now I would call the police, but for future reference, guard dogs are less expensive and more reliable than alarm systems. And far more cuddly.

Lesley M Answered:
No, you should be fine with this.

I hope this helps.

Good Luck To You!

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