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I currently have a Canon Pixma MP830 that has served me fairly well for the approximately 5 or so years I have owned it. It has been trouble free for the most part, a few issues with drivers and the ink in my opinion is pretty expensive as I do not ever use refills other than OEM. Some folks say ok, I know Costco has a refill station that is like half the price of OEM however, I've heard plenty of horor stories from using non OEM refills that end up in costly repairs.
My Canon MP830 was running fine the other day while I was scanning some documents on the platen then all of a sudden the alarm indicator starts flashing and everything ceases to operate, informing me the lock switch needed to be unlocked however, after following the suggested steps NADA……..doesn't produce any error codes either( by the way, I did not touch or hit the lock switch and it was in the unlock position when I got the alarm flashing)………can't change from scan to fax to copy…….nothing and it won't print from either of my computers. Went online for solutions and after attempting the recommended steps………NADA! Sent an email to Canon who suggest it is technical internal issue and needs to go to repair facility. Given high tech labor rates and parts prices I concluded it is probably cheaper to purchase new than get a 5 year old machine repaired………any comment on that???
Ok, so looking at a new purchase………I'm looking for suggestions along with the research I've done online at sites like PC MAG etc. Here are the questions I have in mind however, feel free to elaborate!!
Canon, HP, Epson…………..which brand for the least problematic issues, cheapest ink cost etc?
I was always under the impression that units like Brother, Epson, some of the Asian models were low end homeowner units subject to short term longevity and tainted with consistant problems due to their low end production?? I am making this assumption based on my experiences at various electronic stores who seem to always steer you toward Zerox, Canon, HP and other well known products???
I don't use this for any business purposes………strictly home use but generally a few pages on a near daily schedule.
Any techs out there that might suggest one unit over another for obvious reasons??? I know quality exist however, right along side it is a lot of JUNK!!????????? I'm all ears??????
Also, which units get the most for the buck when considering ink cost??
My online research is suggestingHP 8600 All In One Multifunction as well as I've seen some decent write ups regarding Epson however, not convinced about Epson products as previously stated???
I would like a color capable unit, copy, fax, scan, wireless if possible as my IOGEAR unit has been a pain in the *** because my laptop is Windows 7 64 Bit and my old desktop has Windows XP Pro…… worked fine at some points and then just refused to work at other times even with upgrade drivers etc so now I just plug in the USB cord for the computer I'm using……..much less headache!!
Thanks for your responses and sorry about the long winded question!


I have been using refillable epson cartridges (not refilling the OEM but special cartridges designed to be refilled) for many years.
Epson wins for best price/feature comparison, best warranty and lowest cost of ink. You can't beat their warranty. If anything goes wrong, they will fedex a replacement and pick up the old one at their expense. You can get ink for under 50 cents a cartridge at You pay under 2.50 for reusable cartridges and then get $2 back for the empties. Or you can buy refillables (which is what Im using now) and refill yourself for pennies. The Epson Artisans are great for photos but avoid the 837 and 730. These are the most recent entries in the line and don't work with most compatible cartridges. The info on the Epson deals is updated constantly at

The Epson Workforce Pro combines the best features of inkjet and laser. Like an inkjet it uses less electricity and gives off less heat than a laser. It produces high quality photos better than a laser. Ink cartridges are cheaper. Like a laser, it has high speed (up to 16 pages per minute) and high capacity cartridges (up to 2400 pages). Prices start at $149.

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