Asked: am i anorexic or just skinny?

okay so growing up i was overweight when i was about 13 now that im 17 i cant seem to get rid of the belly flab and i am left with small moobs (more chest fat than moobs) but i am really so skinny everywhere else and im quite short for my age , 17 , and i weigh 7 and a half stone and im male and people always tell me how skinny i am however when i take my shirt off there is this fat that i cant get rid of and i hardly eat and jog alot, should i be alarmed?


You should start going to the gym building muscle into the excess weight it is the best way to get rid of it

But if you can't be bothered get it surgically removed although I would recommend building muscle

Don't listen to what people think of you. Jogging proberbly isn't helping. Start taking a mass gainer and hit the weights. The belly fat will dissapear after a while. You need to increase your calorie intake. You may not want to eat but you'll become malnourished if you don't. Hopefully you'll gain a few pounds soon. Good luck.

You say you weigh about 105? You say you're short, but never included your exact height, which is important to see if you do have anorexia. 105 does seem underweight for a 17 year old, but you can be 3'9'' for all I know.

I assume you are above 5', so I think you should seek a doctor. Also, don't starve yourself, eat almonds, avocados, and try adding olive oil to your food.

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