Anjels is a Singapore company that engages in research & development, design, manufacture and marketing of a fully integrated wireless system that combines remote lighting/electrical appliance control with security/alarm, based on Radio-Frequency (RF) technology platform. The Anjels Intelligent System consists of: Anjels Smart Home System which allows remote control of lightings, fans, motorized curtains, air-conditioners and electrical appliances. It monitors, controls and optimizes their energy consumption through wireless ambient light, humidity and temperature sensors to achieve sustainable living. Anjels Wireless Security System provides intrusion protection with different sensors, together with lightings. It also incorporates Biometric door access system and wireless IP camera for a complete security solution. The modular design and wireless implementation of the system fit into different budgets for both new and existing homeowners. Its energy consumption control and monitoring capability makes it a viable solution for commercial applications in offices and buildings.

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