Julie Asked: Anybody has the ADS(American Defense systems) Alarm at home?

Hi, we are about to sign a 3 year contract with a fancy alarm system company, its a new wireless system high tech and you can control it from your phone too, its really cool. I went to their website and everything is good but I was just wondering if someone has this alarm company and if there is any feeback any one can give me on this company, located in Bedford Texas. Thank you !!!!


Mark Walusimbi Answered:
I also just signed up for a wireless system; I believe it is called Frontpoint. They have offered me a 30 day trial. I will be installing it by myself (easy work) but they will activate the sensors after checking if the installation is right. It could be a great idea to ask them for free quote right now. That's exactly how I got started. You can reach them here just so you have another option to consider: http://frontpointsecurity.linktrackr.com I hope my answer has been helpful! :)"

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