Barry outsources war to other countrys citizens so he can move on and invade more …. we had no idea what he was planning. WASHINGTON — A commission investigating waste and fraud in wartime spending has found serious deficiencies in training and equipment for hundreds of Ugandan guards hired to protect US military bases in Iraq, The Associated Press has learned. The problems at Forward Operating Bases Delta and Hammer include a lack of vehicles used to properly protect the two posts, a shortage of weapons and night vision gear, and poorly trained guards. Both bases house several thousand US military personnel. Concerned the shortages leave the bases vulnerable, the Commission on Wartime Contracting alerted military officials in Iraq and at US Central Command in Tampa, Fla. "Incidents such as this are a concern in their own right, but they are a particular concern to the commission if they prove to be indicators of broader, systemic problems that impede the delivery of critical services to American military forces in a war zone," said Bob Dickson, the commission's executive director. Army Lt. Col. Brian Maka, a spokesman for Multi-National Force-Iraq, said contracting officials have taken the commission's findings seriously. "Security contractors at both sites have corrected or are in the process of correcting deficiencies," he said Saturday. The military relies on hired guards at bases in Iraq so troops are available for combat duties. Overall, there are five companies <b>…</b>

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