Amanda Asked: Can i buy a Verizon phone at walmart?

The phone i have now is crap. Its a virgin mobile Samsung Restore. It was an alright phone for the first month then it started having problems like freezing, not recieving text messages, the alarm no longer works and it doesnt notify me when i get a call or text so i am constantly having to check my phone. I was wondering if i could go to walmart and buy a phone through Verizon Wireless and how much it would cost me at the store. I went online and the Droid x2 is free. So could i just go into walmart pick up the phone and just have to worry about the monthly bill? or are there like hidden fees n stuff for buying the phone at the store? Please help. Thank you(: and Happy Turkey Day!


Obito Answered:
Hello and Happy Thanksgiving!

When you see "free" typically for phones that mean you need to sign up for a contract. "free" is contract pricing. Each walmart is different with pricing so I can't tell you if you would get a better deal or what the pricing would be. If you don't want to pay a monthly bill the only other option would be to pay full pricing.

emotionalzombie7997 Answered:
You will be paying around $100 a month with Verizon service. Plus you will have to sign a 24 month contract. You may also have to pay a deposit if you do not have good credit.

The best thing to do it save some money and buy another prepaid phone.

I switched back to Net10 from Verizon. My Verizon bill with 2 basic phones was $140 a month. We switched back to Net10 and are paying around $45 a month for phone service.

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