Slutborn the Ravager Asked: Can I get ringtones for my older cell phone like this?

I have a Version Wireless lg vx5200 cell phone. It's old, but I don't need or want a smartphone. Any-who, I saw some really cute ringtones/alarms on youtube with download links (On Octopimp's channel to be specific). I was wondering how I could get them on my phone because I don't have a usb cable for my phone, my phone doesn't have internet anymore, and the files are just mp3s.
I did a little research and I found that you can email your phone by sending it to and then just attach the mp3. Would that work for my phone? I don't want to try if it won't. The file would also have to go in "My Ringtones" because my alarm will only take ringtones from there and not "My Sounds"
If you know of any other ways, do tell. And I only want the Homestuck ringtones, so don't go advertising some other site for ringtones. I know those ones text you, but I don't want them.


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