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Jade Mayfield sat up in her bed and looked around in the darkness. She looked around the tiny room and found nothing odd. Something had to be out of sorts, she had heard a voice after all. The voice had wakened her with its worried tone and utter dedication of waking the sleeping Jade. Jade slipped under the covers and looked to the red numbers of her alarm, 5:27. Three minutes until it would ring out and wake not only her but her aunt, Roxanne.
Why not stay awake?
The covers flew up and off of Jade. The cool air that filled the air penetrated the warmth and caused her skin to cover in bulging goose bumps. Jade stood and pulled on her crme colored robe causing a picture frame to fall off of her desk and into the cushioned chair.
Run away from here, a cool voice breathed into Jades exposed ear. The hairs on Jades neck rose as she spun around on her bare toes to look for someone behind her. Her searching eyes came up empty just as they had before.
Jade reached up and turned on the millions of tiny lights that were strewn across her ceiling. Nothing had moved in the process. In her peripheral vision, she saw no one standing around her. She turned to face the mirror completely.
Automatically she knew what shed see. Jade Mayfield, beautiful and tall and slender, the best ballerina in the state, the most popular girl starting her senior year, the girl with more followers and supposed lovers than anyone had ever dreamed of. Now she wasnt as pretty as she wished she could be after sleeping with her dark golden and wavy locks frizzed in all directions with baffled blue eyes corralled in with a gray ring around the edge of the iris.
Her eyes grew when she heard the voice, I need you to run.
Jade tore herself from the mirror and ran out of her room right as her alarm went off. If it hadnt been for the fear-filled voice, she would have returned. Once down the two flights of stairs, she noticed that the lights of the kitchen and living room were turned on. Finally the scents of breakfast had worked their way through her nostrilsbacon, eggs, pancakes, the whole shebang.
You ran down here a little too fast, Aunt Roxanne said.
Aunt Roxanne was not one to cook and barely felt the need to clean. This new activity baffled Jade to an extent that she thought someone had replaced her aunt. How odd
I, umm, smell the breakfast and wanted to know who had replaced my aunt, Jade said a little too unsure. Jade was always so sure of herself and everything around her. If she wasnt sure, she immediately felt the need to check into things. Curiosity killed her, sometimes a little too literally.
Roxanne turned and glared at Jade with a devious smile. This is not going to be a normal breakfast.
Jade turned on her heel and ran up the stairs only to bump right into Josh who was exiting his room. Jade landed in front of the guest room and Josh? Josh was sitting in front of the second flight up stairs, rubbing the back of his head. Pure anger filled his dark blue eyes. He moved his eyes to his flawless sister who was trying to stand. As if it was a reflex, his eyes softened to a dull angry fire.
A sheepish smile covered Jades perfect pale pink lips. Josh let out a low chuckle, stood, and pulled his sister to her feet. Jade hugged him and finished her run to her room. The blaring of her alarm stopped her at her door.
If I hear that voice one more time, Jade thought as she finally drew up enough courage to step. The blaring of the alarm changed into her favorite song just as it was supposed to. A smile small warmed up her face as she threw the robe off and her favorite pajamas had found themselves in the hamper to start her morning routine of washing and dressing. Jade did as she always did except this morning there was no time for leisure. Something about her room seemed to frighten her, and Jade didnt scare easily.

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