Clearing the Smoke reveals how Cannabis acts on the brain and in the body to treat nausea, pain, epilepsy and potentially even cancer. Cannabinoid Oil known as Cannabis Oil and many others, cures disease such as cancer, indeed it does. People will always claim, argue, complain, deny that ingesting- meaning eating orally- Cannabis Oil will not cure because they have not/ will not allow room in their brain for new information, new truth. Most assume we mean smoking Cannabis cures disease or they don't understand what processes are triggered by ingesting Cannabis Oil, ones that promote cancer cell death… to these people we say research more, and stop letting ignorance ruin your ways of belief. People are dying because some still believe this is a joke, hoax or myth, that's incredibly sad. Share this video and visit our facebook page: usually 1 LB of cannabis BUDS, not stems/roots or leaves. try to have ALL 1 lb of just buds and then if you have extra leaves/ stems add them in, you want roughly 60 grams of oil and 1 lb of buds will give you that usually, try to use good grown cannabis, you dont want poorly lit grown Cannabis as its Cannabinoid levels will be low, the higher the Cannabinoid count the better as your oil will be more "potent" in medicinal "power". ingest the 60 grams in no more than 2-3 months, ingesting it when ever you can but you must try to stay able to walk around… you dont want to flood your system with too many <b>…</b>

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