HiFi Audio System with CD storage & Music Streamer Listen to Dynamic internet radio stations, an alternative to the built in i-radio. Source: AV Forum below. -Slide CD/optical drive -Colour Screen 3.5 inches -Supports unto 2TB HDD & External too. -Direct CD playing device or rip to HDD -File system NTFS & FAT32 -Language support -Format HDD via Cocktail Audio X10 or Computer -HDD size check with info button -Rips your Cds, which are all organised in a MUSIC DB interface -Cd can be ripped in formats – Wav, Ogg, Mp3 & Flac -Rip all or rips selected tracks -The Cd data (album details) can be retrieved from the internet via the cocktail audio or you can install the database (FreeDB – downloadable/CD). Can also update FreeDB via the cocktail audio system. -Can add album covers as well (Just browse to locate the image choice on a memory stick or network folder). -Music playlist support & Bookmark long music files (stories/other) -Can edit CD data tag from Artist to genre – with a keyboard which even allows you to control certain features on the cocktail audio X10 as a remote. -Can set bit rate & ripping/quality speed on the system too. -Plays & records from external devices Mp3/ipods/others -Convert your entire LP, cassettes & any audio source (interviews/meetings) into a digital format & even convert into WAV, Mp3, Ogg & Flac. -Can backup all your collection onto another external HDD or memory stick & restore it back if anything goes wrong. -Can connect to AMP -The i-radio has <b>…</b>

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