Wolverine Asked: Comic book fans, what do you think of my action sequence idea for Mr. Sinister?

This is in my idea franchise which is a reboot and part of the current marvel films such as Iron Man and whatnot. So cross overs can occcur. Pretend if Fox did not have their hands on it. So this is the second film in a 6 movie series. 1st was titled, The Uncanny X-Men. This movie is X-men: Evolution.

Keeping in tone and with the source material, but having some film liberty as to how it goes down as well as being inspired by the 90's cartoon, Warran injures one of his wings. This segments happens in the future timeline as he was shot flying over a military base in order to gain intel about the possible mutant slave act brought by Galin Creed(who is a minor but has big impact role). Now that Warrren is captured, the X-men are about to conduct a rescue but wait due to the fact that he is scheduled for surgery. A Dr. who was set to do the surgical repair is murdered by Sinister and is hidden in a ditch. Sinister turns into him(and this is the only time Jason Issacs appears without the Sinister makeup in the film other than the early beginning). The Dr has the same last name as he< Essex, this causes Sinister to chuckle a little. Then he proceeds into the military base on orders by En Saba Nor to get Angel for the genetic splicing and kickstart the Four Horsemen.

A soldier does a metal detector search on Dr. Essex, and nothing beeps. Then he is instructed to pass through a "Mutant detector screen. This is something that caught him be surprise, however, nothing he is really worried about. It beeps and the alarms sound. Soldier orders Sinister to the ground. After not complying, he shoots Sinister several times before he goes down. Gets on his radio to call it in. Then in oldschool horror movie fashion, Sinister arises to his feet in the background out of focus as the soldier is speaking on his radio. Solderi turns around and is stopped in his tracks. Seeing this mutant just heal up after taking a machine gun blast. Radio askes if he needs backup. Sinister, changing his voice of the soldier's replies, "Back up requested! ASAP!" Then puts the radio back on the soldier's shoulder pad then smiles at him. AS the others are heading over, a loud scream scours throughout the hall. We never see what Sinister does to the poor chap. Less is more sometimes.


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