Amanda C Asked: continuation of story corrections and comments?

for those who read my intro , or even if you haven't this is the continuation of my story. all comments and suggestions are appreciated. thanks in advance

Sarah was in her hotel like room fast asleep in her warm, cozy, expensive looking bed when she was awaken by the loud sound of her ring tone which was just some jingle she thought sounded cool that was previously installed on the phone when she bought it. Her big catlike aqua colored eyes blinked in confusion from being waken up suddenly from a deep sleep. She brushed her long, thick, curly, chocolate brown hair out of her face and sat up as she answered her phone. It was lying next to her alarm clock on top of her maple wood night stand. She had placed it there herself after her previous call earlier in the evening from her best friend Margaret. It was about some guy that Margaret had met at the coffee shop near her house earlier in the day. Sarah didnt really get all the details. First off she wasnt that interested in guys at the moment as she was much too busy with her work to worry about that. Second of all, she was too tired to listen or really care after the case she just closed late the night before. Despite her fatigue and her confusion, she managed to get herself to sit up and answer the call.
In a low voice she said Hello officer Bellow here. answering the call.

She recognized the voice as her partners. She put the receiver to her ear and heard a deep gruff voice utter the words Yeah Sarah, its Jason we got another one for ya up here, you better come quick in a noticeably typical American like accent.

Another one already? What is it this time? Why do these criminals have to choose such a late (or better yet early) hour to start their dirty work? She asked half asleep and a little bit annoyed.

You dont sound so great from this end, maybe after this case you oughtta get some rest her partner said half concerned and halfannoyed with her complaining considering he too had to wake up from his sleep to run to the call.

Yeah maybe Ill do that. Maybe Ill take a vacation too she said

Unsure whether she was being sarcastic or serious he ended the phone call with alright see you soon, the place isnt too far out of your way just passed the old phoenix ravine. The forensics team is already down here, so is the boss and a couple squad cars from the local police. Just show them your badge when you get here and you shouldnt have any trouble. He directed her.

She jotted down the information in her memory bank in a note-to-self manner Wait but what about you, where are you going? She asked

Ive got some errands to run Ill call you when Im done. Oh and by the way, a little warning before you arrive at the scene, get this, a car and a truck were found all mangled up, parts everywhere, and you know what the strange thing is? he asked her

what, were the tires missing? she asked sarcastically

No , the bodies were missing. They are nowhere to be found. You would figure with a mess like that you would find the bodies somewhere a few yards from the crash but no. there was nothing for miles. Thats why we were called in. he explained

wow, that is weird they have to be around somewhere they cant just get up and walk away she said confused.

Sarah finished the conversation with alright Im on my way, see you soon. Goodbye


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