GT Asked: Could I shoot someone if they break into my house?

Alright so yesterday night someone broke in while my family and I were in vacation. We came back home immediately after the alarm company called us that the alarm went off. They broke in through the back sliding door but they left before actually going inside and didn't steal anything. They probably ran away after the alarm went off so we got lucky there. So my dad has a gun in the house and I was thinking if the thieves ever decide to break in again, can I shoot them? I'm only 15 years old but sometimes I stay home alone so that's when they might strike again. I live in Florida and I don't know the rules for guns here.


Ed Answered:
in Florida you have to be in fear of your life.

Michael Answered:
its legal to shoot someone if their invading your private property but i dont think its legal for a 15year old to usea gun

Casey Answered:

The basic rule is that you can't use more force then the intruder.

If he's holding a gun , you must warn him first.

If there is anyway of solving the situation , like running out the back door or calling 911 , you must do that.

Billy Bob Answered:
Its legal if they're in your house, but if they run out and are running away, its illegal to shoot them and you can be charged with murder if you kill them

Lightbread Answered:
Only if you're in fear of your life. Even if you are underage.

tacticalfiend Answered:
No, since you it is against the law to use a weapon without having a permit.

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