Kyle Asked: DIY 2GIG Security system with no monthly fees?

I was looking at security systems and saw the 2gig wireless setup that uses z-wave. I love the idea, however, local security monitoring services charge a butt load ($50) a month if you want the automated lights and sensors and cameras.

My question is: Can I just buy all this stuff myself and install it and use it over wifi only and not use a security company to monitor? I dont care about having anyone call the cops, or having a GSM chip so it works when my router is down. I just want it to alert my phone when theres a break in, or have an alarm go off if someone breaks in.

Thanks in advance!


Gloria Answered:
You can use a 2GIG alarm without signing up with a monitoring company. You will need service with to get email alerts or to integrate a security camera with the alarm.

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