Asked: Do i have a sleeping disorder?

im 17 years old male
and i cant sleep at night right now its noon (12) and im still awake and its new years
and every time i go to sleep i wont wake up if i go to sleep at 8 in the morning then ill wake up at midnight no alarms can wake me up not even my mom i got kicked out of school because i over slept all the time i had 2 alarms and my mom going crazy on me lol and when she wakes me upi get really angry and say really mean stuff like "shut up you F***ing wh*re i hate you" but sometimes i just talk rubbish my mom says "wake up " and then i say stuff like "the dise is in the fridge" and it goes on and on just some nonsense and i never remember any of the things i say or do when my mom wakes me up it kills me when she tells me how rude i am, and now its new years and if i dont go to sleep ill be tired when the party is on lol and if i go to sleep ill probably miss it is this a sleeping disorder of somesort? im not depressed im actually a really hyper happy person


Your sleeping patterns are just messed up. I'm dealing with the same thing because of work and finals, and finals ended almost two weeks ago. So it's going to take time to fix up your sleeping patterns. Do you stay up late regularly or sleep in? The best fix is to take a sleeping aid like melatonin next time you want to go to bed, and go to bed at an early-ish time, like 10PM or 11PM. You'll wake up at a normal hour. Do this for about a week, and it should get your internal clock back in check. And keep it up. It's okay to sleep in once in a while, but your body gets used to it and that's what messes up your sleeping patterns. Getting up early (or at least before noon) can also help you feel more energized and you can get more things done.
This isn't a sleeping disorder. You are still young (yes, seventeen is young in medical years) so it's pretty normal for someone of your age to have a messed up sleeping pattern.

As for sleep paralysis, that's also very normal. Many people I know have sleep paralysis. And it might be scary, but the way my friends deal with it is just by closing their eyes and trying their hardest to either ignore what they see or to wake their body up. If it's affecting your life to the point where you don't know how to handle it, doctors can help you out.

Dude this disease of yours is called adoloscense. The best way to brighten up your schedule is to play some sports in the morning. Have a healthy diet and eat at regular intervals. Do not snack during the night. And as far as waking up is concerned you'll do just fine if you maintain a schedule. Don't keep lying down on the bed unless you want to sleep. If you can't then walk around, read or masturbate. The last one usually does the trick.;)

I think you have sleeping disorder. Why you have this disorder, is to be determined by a medical practitioner, so visit your doctor soon. Sleep paralysis is also an indication of the sleeping disorder, so explain your problem to mom and take her with you, while visiting to the doc next time. You need her support most.

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