Raven Asked: Do you dislike cheap people?

So the alarm goes off at 4 or 5AM in the morning, a right racket it was making, really high pitched ringing. Awful, that ringing is the sound of torture. It belonged to the previous owners who had the code, which we don't have. So I have to put up with this noise until 9AMbecause my relative doesn't want pay emergency fees. Am I being unreasonable? What if the neighbors are night workers and are light sleepers. What if they wanted a lie in. It's 6:16 AM as I type. This particular relative has a long history of being a cheapo. there's nothing wrong with looking out at what you spend except when you take it to the EXTREME. I mean money is to be spent and you can't take it when you depart this earth. what's wrong with living a little!!!!!


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