howldine Asked: Dog has fatty lump on posterior?

I noticed this lump about ten days ago. I will sound like a moron saying it appeared out of nowhere, but I brush this dog regularly because of her shedding, and she had a bath 2 weeks ago and it simply was either not there, or too small to be noticed.

6 1/2 year old Brittany/Lab mix female.UTD on shots, worming, spayed. Dog is slightly overweight (5-6 lbs) in spite of daily exercise consisting of 1 mile walks and unlimited play on my 3 acres.Lump on her lower hip- trending more towards her backside. Lump seems to be contained just beneath the skin- not into the muscle tissue.Lump is approximately the size and shape of small egg- very fluid and flexible mass, almost seems to slither under my fingers when I grab it. The perimeters of it seem stable but are not an absolute line.I grabbed it hard a couple of times to feel the texture (which is very smooth and consistent- no hard spots or weird irregularites no marks on skin, no hair loss) – dog didn't even turn her head.It does not cause pain. The dog ignores it- does not chew or scratch or favor the leg.Dog has no weight loss or other physical issues at all.

As a shelter volunteer, I have access to their vets and counsulers.General consensis:This is not an abcess.This is not an infected wound.This is not a tick bite site.This does not present like a tumor because of its uniform shape, smoothness, and flexibility.Diagnosis:fatty cyst.

I intend to have the dog checked over after the holidays- shelter personel think she'll be fine until then. The reason I would like to wait is because I need to make the xtra holiday pay to cover a full exam.HOWEVER- if anyone feels like there is something I should be more immediately concerned about, if I described anything that triggers an alarm, please give me input.

Thank you- all serious answers appreciated.(Please don't waste your time with "Take it to the vet"- she has seen a vet and will soon see another.


Kat Answered:
I've seen these cysts a fair number of times in the past, and they were never anything to be alarmed about. I'm not going to say that it can't mean anything serious, because I honestly have never known them to be.

youngatheart Answered:
I know older Labs tend to get fatty cysts so I would suspect that is what it is but get it checked anyway.If anymore appear I would have a biopsy done.I had a Saluki that had those type of cysts and eventually one was cancerous.

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