~EXPAND FOR STORY AND MORE~ Hey guys! I know the last chapter didn't have 2+ comments but I just couldn't wait to upload this one! Pleaaaase comment and like! 2+ comments and likes for the next chapter 😉 The reason why Connie had to edit this chapter for me cause she's the one that came up with the story and hadn't yet sended me the storyline yet. PS. There will be no POV's in this story. Written by Angel271571 Story Edited by SWIFTchara66 Video by SWIFTchara66 _________________________________________________________________________ -Characters -Taylor Swift as Theresa Seawood -Taylor Lautner as Travis Laderman -Selena Gomez as Sonya Gonzalez ________________________________________________________________________ Chapter 2 – "I'm Travis." Travis smiled and Theresa couldn't help but stare at him. "Theresa." "What would you like to order?" Travis repeated and Theresa's cheeks turned bright rouge. "Oh, I'm so sorry." She stumbled. Theresa opened the menu placing it so close it almost touched her face, hoping she could hide her embarrassment. "The Parmesan-Crusted Pork Chops would be fine, thanks…sir." She placed the menu on the table, staring down at the ruby shoes she had received for her birthday recently. Travis walked away and gave the order. After Theresa had finished, she payed for my bill and left a tip hoping that she would impress Travis who was watching her. She walked out of the restaurant with her feet aching. She suddenly regret wearing 10 centimetre high <b>…</b>

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