I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (www.youtube.com Dee Pov. Me & Josh were at my house playing the Xbox. Me-Im beating your ass boy! Josh-*rolls eyes* yeah whatever. Me-*pauses game* holle up! dont you roll your eyes at me ! Josh-*mad* girl shutup. me- Since you gotta attitude, imma leave your ass right here looking stupid. I walked out . and i walked out the house. Josh has been acting so mean to me lately and its still in the beginning of our relationship. i gotta phone call. it was tiny. Me-Hello? Tiny-hey! dont forget to come over here its girl's night again. be here in 2 hours. the girls are still with their "boo's". Me- aight shawty. i walked home to see my ma looking at tv. me- hey ma! Mom- hey! have fun at josh's house? me- yeah. i went upstairs, set my alarm clock to 11:00 since the girl's night starts at 11:30. im going to take a quick nap. i packed my clothes cause wewere staying overTiny's house. at least this will try to cheer me up. Kai pov. me & dominic were skating and he said he could skate. yeah right! he was slipping xD. i skated up to him. me- need help freckleface? Dominic- nah. i got it and -_____- dont call me that. Me- ok 😉 you sure DommyBear??? Dominic- fine, help me KaiPooh. Me-*blushes and grabs his hand and helps him* When we were done he drove me home. we stopped in front of my house and he was just staring at me.. Kai- what you staring at? Dominic-* kisses her* omg omg omg! im thinking " there is this fine ass boy kissing me <b>…</b>

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