Live Giant Squid Video – The Complete Documentary. Part 2 of 3. The Monster is Real, Giant squid — known also by their scientific name Architeuthis — have already been the stuff of both legend and science for years and years. Even the world's foremost giant squid researchers know virtually nothing regarding the way the giant squid behaves in the natural habitat, in order that they were forced to guess at the way to lure it before a camera. All the researchers took another approach, with success hinging in one main unknown: do architeuthis choose lights on or off? Widder, who's a PhD in Neurobiology and specializes in bioluminescence, sunk to your depths at midnight, extending a glass orb with flashing LEDs as bait. Her goal ended up being mimic the sunshine display of a deep-sea jellyfish called atolla, which to produce glowing chemical while being attacked. She'd observed that smaller squid were fascinated by this jellyfish, but had never found any evidence that squid eat them. She concluded that squid were when using the jellyfish as a "bioluminescent burglar alarm," eating whatever was eating the jellyfish. "You possess this small thing illuminating because this medium sized thing is munching on it, as well as the goal on the small thing is to buy clear of what's eating it," she explained. Widder didn't capture any video footage of Architeuthis within the submersible, but she did capture five different recordings of giant squids by dangling a "Medusa" — her <b>…</b>

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