Joe: *backs up pissed, his brothers are thinking what the hell is going on? And Mitch left right after the race, he had to get home* Miley: *kisses Justin roughly, pushing him against the car* Justin: *kisses back, pulling her closer and making her wrap her legs around his waist* All the boys: *jaw drops in disgust* Miley: *pretends to smile while kissing him, runs her hand up his chest then pulls away* I want you so bad. *bites his ear seductively* Justin: Tell me how much. *kisses her neck* Miley: I want you to be my daughters step father, I want you to be the father of my kids I want you now. *whispers it in his ear* Justin: *stops* What? Miley: You heard me. Justin: Hell no! *puts her down and gets in his car and drives off* Miley: *walks away from him and towards her car thinking oh my fuck that was disgusting* Taylor: What the hell was that Destiny!? Miley: *looks at him* I finally figured out how to get him to leave me alone. *turns back around and gets in the drivers seat* Come on people I have school tomorrow! Boys: *get in, Taylor is pissed his sister acted like that, Nick and Kevin don't know what is happening, and Joe is pissed because he really likes Miley and it felt like a knife went though him when she kissed him* Taylor: What the hell kind of plan was that?! *in passenger seat* Miley: He kept being all up on me so I gave him a taste of what he wanted. Taylor: And that was your plan?! Miley: Well when he was in the mood I whispered in his ear a little <b>…</b>

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