MT Asked: help! my burgler alarm won’t silence?

I have an Ademco Vista-10 (I believe) that won’t silence when I enter the passcode and chime or off. Is there a way to disable the noise coming from keypad? One of the zones displayed is 09 which is temper mode. How would it go into temper mode. I didn’t have the alarm installed, it was installed by previous owner of house. I also don’t subscribe to protectionone, amt, or the other security companies. I think I want it disabled but who should I call to fix it. Protectionone was the company the previous owners used. Can I call a regular electrician to disable and remove system or do I need to contact protectionone or other company and tell them I’m not interested when they do a sales pitch in subscribing to their alarm service. Is there a way to at least silence the alarm for the night so I can sleep?


Jeff Hunter Answered:
Knock the power supply off to the unit,open it up & disconnect both leads from the battery.Some systems also have a back-up battery inside the strobe/bell box outside diconnect this also.Generally most alarms are fed through a fused spur unit if yours is remove the fuse
stinkydoor Answered:
start flipping breakers and when it stops ringing, go to bed and deal with it in morning
mommynpancake Answered:
honey, if you’re 9 you shouldn’t be on the internet. it’s a very dangerous thing, AND you should be asleep. Don’t you have school tomorrow?
Elizabeth White Answered:
1. put on some socks
2. get a mattress and slide down the stairs.
Matija Milenovic Answered:
wach it some other time
Boo Answered:
learn the ways of ninja hood
About that Answered:
You’re 9?
rawwrrily Answered:
you’re like in 3rd grade…
use your imagination.
Drikus Kotze Answered:
if u hav a clock, walk at the same time as the clock is ticking
naomi webb Answered:

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