Clara C Asked: HELP..Think beeping sound is coming from low battery in smoke detector…?

For the last 10 days there has been this intermittent beeping sound that occurs for a few hrs each day in our home.

Feel like a fool as we cannot decipher exactly where it is coming from.

Searched online for possible causes and based upon our situation it seems most likely that the 9 volt battery in the smoke alarm is the cause.

Detached and removed battery in the hopes of stopping the beeping until I get a new one, but to no avail.

Assuming that this is the cause..Does anyone know of a way to temporarily (6-8 hrs) get more life from this old battery to stop this annoying beeping?


DON Answered:
Smoke alarms monitor the voltage of the battery and use that to gauge the remaining capacity and ability to sound the alarm. Sometimes removing and reinstalling the battery will make a better connection and give you a brief reprieve from the low battery alert. 

Raising the temperature of the room (probably not practical or desirable) will increase the chemical activity within the battery slightly which may result in an ever so slight increase in battery voltage.

Are there any stores in your area that sell batteries and are open 24 hours? Can you borrow a battery from a radio or toy?


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