Asked: Helppp!!! left a tampon in for over 8 hours…freaking out!!!!!!!?

ok i put in a tampon at about 9:15 p.m
and was suppose to change it a 2:15 ishh am but my alarm didn't ring and i woke up at like 6 a.m realizing it was in too long…i took it out and put another one in but i got scared and took that one out too after like 10 mins…omg do I have tss? i have really slight muscle aches but thats it…when will i get the symptoms if i do? :[ somebodyy please help…
btw it was a regular sized U by Kotex tampon


If you've got TSS, you're too ill to be posting on here. You'd have a very high fever, rashes, diarrhoea and so on. You'd be in hosptial.

The 8 hour "limit" is fairly arbitrary. Sure, the longer you leave it the greater your chance of TSS, but in reality it is still INCREDIBLY rare.

Hello, the symptoms of TSS are…
-Muscle aches
-Rash that looks like sunburn
-Sore throat
-Fainting or near fainting
-Sudden high fever

Since you are only experiencing 1 of these signs I wouldn't do anything just yet. But if you get any more of these signs then I suggest going to see a doctor immediately. Good luck :)

No but never sleep with a tampon in they make night pads for that you"ll be fine oh and I use the same tampons :)

Hi Nina,

You should be fine and have no reason to worry. TSS would have already set in if it was going to and you would already be having symptoms. Take a deep breath, your fine.

No, you do not have TSS. Or, I should say, it is HIGHLY unlikely. I once left a tampon in too long as well. I was young and new to tampons. It was the last day of my period and I could see that it would be the last tampon I used. I had a busy day and forgot all about it. When I went to the bathroom later, I thought nothing of it. I never felt the string and it ended up going inside me. I didn't know it was still there and honestly never thought about it. About three weeks later I went to my peek-a-boo doctor for an exam and guess what she discovered! A three week old tampon that I had forgotten about entirely and had no idea was still there. The most shameful part of this was that I managed to do it again about a year later, but that one was only left in for a week.

Because of this incident, I now check EVERY time my period ends. I don't want anything left behind as it can cause TSS and I am fully aware of this.

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