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Okay, so I am 13 years old… And I have been having a lot of "False alarms" that I do NOT fake. What I mean by "False alarms" is when I think I'm getting my period. A while ago, I think when I was 12, I had a REALLY bad pain in my lower-stomache and it hurt SO much whenever I moved. It hurt so much, for 5 days. No period. I have discharge, pubic hair, I started developing breasts in grade 5.

I'm in grade 8 now. Right now, I have a horrible pain in my lower-back, and inner-thigh area near my bikini line. Also, my butt really hurts. Like near the hips area. I have not over-worked myself in gym or in any physical sport/s. What is HAPPENING to me? Also, I have taken a pill to relieve my pain, and it hasn't helped at all. Please help me!


You're in puberty.I went through all that crap at your age and it wasn't fun.Irregular periods that were painful, 2-3 months apart, and over a week long.I had false alarms and occasional "spotting" every month, but I only ever had 4 or 5 periods a year.By 9th grade I had to stay home from school on period days because I was in so much pain I couldn't stand up straight and could only find comfort in a fetal position.It SUCKED.

You should really make an appt. with your doctor.Start with a primary care physician.He or she may examine you or may refer you to a gynocologist depending on what the issue may be.I'm no medical professional but to me it sounds like you have unbalanced hormones and irregular periods like I did.The only thing that regulated me was birth control and I was only able to go off of it and stay healthy after I had my baby.Something about the pregnancy regulated me and it was the same with my mom after she had me.

Hopefully that's all this is, but you really should go to the doctor to make sure it isn't anything serious because you never know.But I doubt it is; many, MANY of us ladies go through what you're going through in our wonderful teenage years!

Good luck! Hope you feel better!

Unfortunatley, this happens to some people before they get their first period. Your best et is to go to your doctor and ask if there is something they can do about it. A friend of mine had cramps so bad they had to put her on morphine tablets, so you aren;t the only one this happens to! Your doctor will be able to help you feel better and will check to see if there is anything going on besides your body's natural changes.

That's just puberty. It sounds like you're body is just getting ready for when you actually have your period which for many girls involves quite a bit of pain. Try using a heating pad or take a hot bath or shower. I used to take birth control pills which helped with the pain so much but since they are now all over tv saying that it can cause blood clots and such I went off the pills. I seriously didn't remember how painful it could be. If you haven't started your period yet I don't think this is a solution for you. I'd say try using heat and continue with the pain pills however often you can. Ibuprofen works best for me but other people use other things. Tylenol is NOT a good choice though because it doesn't have the anti inflammatory in it which is essentially why you are having the pain. Keep a pad on you at all times because you may start at any moment. Womanhood kind of sucks but you'll learn to deal with it. Hope this helps :)

Don't worry, the same thing happened to me. I developed early so I was expected to start my period early too. A couple of years before I actually started my period, I started to get REALLY bad pain in my lower stomach. My mum always told me not to worry because I was probably just starting my period. I didn't have the pain all the time, it was on and off, and every time it happened I expected my period to start, but it didn't until about 2 years later when I was 11. I started early though so don't worry, it's perfectly normal not to have had a period at 13 years old.

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