???: Hi I'm Jerry! Mara: Hey Jerry! *introduces everyone* Jerry:Cool, I got it. *Big bus arrives with Nina's old school on it* ????: Nina!!!!!! Nina:Miranda! ??: Nina! Nina: Jennette!!!! Jennette and Miranda: NINA!!!! Nina: Jennette, Miranda!!!!!!!!! Jennette (nerd): *wearing www.polyvore.com Miranda (funky, fab one): *wearing www.polyvore.com Jennette: We brought you something * gives her www.claires.com the middle piece* Nina: Aww sooo sweet! Amber: Hi I'm Amber! J&M: Hey Amber! Jennette: I'm Jennette! Miranda: I'm Miranda! Anubis Students except N,J,& M: Hey *introduce themselves* Trudy: Miranda you're with Nina and Amber and Jennette you're with Patricia and Joy. ?: Am I too late to find my room? Nina: Mason! Mason: Nina! Fabian's POV: It seems Nina having a good time with her friends. They seemed to miss her. END OF POV Nina's POV: I'm so glad they won the Taylor Swift Contest and got to come here to England! END OF POV Trudy: Well let's go inside! ~Sunday, Anubis House, Amber, Miranda, and Nina's room~ Amber: Miranda…wake up! Miranda: What its 12 at night! Nina: No Miranda, its 7 am……it's time for breakfast. Amber: We have to go…we get schedules today. Nina: Yea, that's right. We have to be down extra early for breakfast! Miranda: Okay…*Hello Kitty Alarm rings* Nina: Sry..just a little American present from Fabes. Amber: I'm gonna text Alfie and make sure the guys are up. Nina? Nina: Yea? Amber: Where's my phone? Nina: Matter of fact, I haven't seen mine <b>…</b>

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