Asked: Home alarms that talk to you?

I see in movies where the home alarm says things like "front door open." I have never see any home alarm that actually talks to you. Have you seen such alarms?


My alarm system chimes when ever a door or window opens I can pre set what chime is for what door or window, and what you see in the movies is fiction make believe not true kind of stuff otherwise the 100 bullets they fire out of a 9mm without reloading would have a clip that's 4 ft long?

That why its a movie not real, the voice is someone in the back ground on cue, read the credits the voice has a name as a credit.

Hope it helps

1. Movies are not based in reality.
2. The ability has been an option on nearly ALL brands of home alarms for decades.

omg, if my alarm could talk, probably i'd throw it away…

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