Hey Guys! I know that Nathalia won't be returning…but it's really hard to come up with a cover story so I placed her. Day After the Party Nina and Amber's room *Alarm sounds* Nina: Amber! Wake up! Amber: *wakes up* Morning Nins! Nina: Morning! Last night was the best night of my life! Amber: I know me too. Even the part where we are in the library. All those random things we did. Nina: Yeah me too. I'm glad the quest was over. I don't need to look back on anything from that quest. Dining Table *Nina and Amber come together* Nina: Mornin'! Everyone: Good Morning! Patricia: So I heard you and Fabian are a couple now! Fabina: *stares then smiles* Fabian: (To Nina) You know, I kinda miss the awesome memories we had during our quest for the mask. Nina: Oh Yeah! The Tunnels, Library almost EVERYTHING. Fabian: I sometimes remember that sometimes Senkhara is still cursing us.

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