milly Asked: How can i go to sleep at the normal time at night after sleeping late?

a couple days ago i screwed up my sleep schedule by staying up all night while my mom went to work and she got home at 7am so i went to sleep then and slept a long time. i did that for a bit, and then i went to a friends instead of staying home alone and i couldnt sleep and pulled an all nighter except for 1 hour i slept. then i went home and slept a 4 hour nap, and then i was able to fall asleep at 12:30am the next day. i also stayed the night there that day and we got up at 7:00 for her camp she had to go to and i got dropped off then, so today i decided to sleep till 11am, then get up. i heard the alarm at 11, and turned it off, and laid back down for 5 minutes and was expecting to get back up and stay up. i ended up sleeping till 2:42pm and now its gonna be screwed up again. how can i fall asleep at my normal time, (10:00, maybe 11pm) when im not tired? or, how can i get back on track with my sleeping.?


Kay Answered:
Ok, so you sleeping track is messed up. What you have to do if you want it back on track is sleep at the right time. Lets say you go to sleep normally at 9:00, then you will have to sleep at 9 even though you may not feel tired. Yes, I know it feels like you cant and you just stay awake but you have to try. Try to sleep you will eventually fall asleep, if you wake up in the middle of the night go back to sleep. Then wake up when it is morning which is ranging from 6-10 around there. It will be a bit hard because you are not used to it but if you do this is will be back to normal. Trust me.

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scoutma53 Answered:
Just accept you are going to be wrecked the first day of early rising.

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