Agent Joggy Asked: How can i sneak downstairs without waking anyone up?

How can i sneak down because i need to watch spongebob and im 9 so im a bit loud and we have a burgeler alarm so if i go downstairs slowly the burgler alarm will start making that extreemely loud noiz and its innoying!!!!


heidi Answered:
Hahah!:D that’s quick&quite?!
Frogz Answered:
A: know exactly where all the sensors are and avoid them and be QUIET
b: behave, stay in your room and goto sleep
c:ask your parrents for a tv of your own(and tell them they can enforce a time limit on it’s use, they will be more likely to agree)
or d: become a skilled animator and make your own spongebob episodes
actually… forget all of that
you’re on the pc
just watch it online theres plenty of full episodes elsewhere
for example, search on youtube for “spongebob part 1″ and in turn, find a episode and click on part 2 and 3
Jim Answered:
At the rate you are spelling, you need to not watch tv, but go to sleep, so you can be awake for school, and learn spelling, so that way, so you can compete for the National Spelling Bee.
mommynpancake Answered:
honey, if you’re 9 you shouldn’t be on the internet. it’s a very dangerous thing, AND you should be asleep. Don’t you have school tomorrow?
Elizabeth White Answered:
1. put on some socks
2. get a mattress and slide down the stairs.
Matija Milenovic Answered:
wach it some other time
Boo Answered:
learn the ways of ninja hood
About that Answered:
You’re 9?
rawwrrily Answered:
you’re like in 3rd grade…
use your imagination.
Drikus Kotze Answered:
if u hav a clock, walk at the same time as the clock is ticking
naomi webb Answered:

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