Derrick L Asked: How do i get my girlfriend back of 10 years with a 5 year old daughter?

Me and my girlfriend have spent almost everyday together for the past 10 years. Either one of us have many friends and she basically is my whole life. We spent 5 years together before we had our daughter. Ever since we had out daughter things have changed. I started sleeping on the couch so the alarm clock would not wake up the baby and just fell into a routine. I have always been a very good dad but me and my girlfriend have not been affectionate at all really. Sex has always been awesome but not much affection. We both had times were we cheated on each other but always got back together. For about 7 of the 10 years i will admit, i was not madly in love with her and now i am paying the ultimate price because now i am absolutely head over heals in love with her and she tells me she is not feeling it anymore. She took away the key from her apt and i started sleeping at my moms. We still see each other everyday and have sex about once every 2 weeks but she is still always annoyed and grumpy.How do i get her back when all she knows of me is someone she does not want. I am positive i can give her everything she wants, and have already changed but she says it's probably too late. She tells me to just give her space and when she gets happy again with herself she will give me another chance. I have a feeling she is only telling me this so i give her space and to protect my feelings. About a month ago she had her ex boyfriend sleep over that she used to date about 11 years ago. She says she is not seeing him anymore but things have not gotten any better. I know she is grumpy because she is thinking about him at least i think. She says if we just dont fight things will work out, so i try my best but she is so mean to me that i have to stand up for myself also.I know this is not who she really is and am absolutly sure she is the person i want to spend the rest of my life with. I don't even think i could live a happy life without her,seems crazy but that is love right? She used to be so in love with me too, i could have had her and married her a long time ago and that is what makes it so hard. I have been crying everyday since i found out about the other guy and i am a 32 year old do i do? How do i get her love for me back? I am so desperate to get her heart back i would do anything?


Brittany Drake Answered:
when you let me know tell me :(

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