anthony Asked: How do I reset the theft system on my Chevy Malibu 2001?

We pressed the emergency button on the wireless car controller and the alarm went off. After a few hours we tried to start the car and it didn't work. The theft light isn't on. Absolutly nothing is working. The battery is still good. We tried absoultly everything. Any Ideas?


rdrunnrfla Answered:
Try taking off the positive battery cable for a minute.then lock and unlock with remote see if the car will start

David Answered:
Everything huh? I know everyone says this but theres some truth to it. Try disconnecting, and then reconnecting the battery. That causes the system to loose memory. Its worth a try. It may not be a permanent fix but it may let you drive your car instead of letting it sit. Hope this helps let me know if it works. I have a truck without antitheft so I never have to worry but i've always heard of antitheft systems acting weird and i've always wanted to try that.

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