Katie Cates Asked: how do you disable an alarm system on a ’98 grand prix pontiac?

the alarm on my '98 grand prix won't stop going off after i opened my car today to go home. I tried disabling the battery, and i don't have a remote for the car. i've looked for switches and i've checked the fuse box. i can't seem to find how to disable it. the only evidence i found of an alarm was the horn underneath the hood, and underneath the steering wheel there is a box. kind of like a mini motherboard. and i found the wires to the alarm, but i'm afraid to cut them. and i tried pulling them out, but it doesn't work. please, any advice?


everbling08 Answered:
What you called a mini motherboard that's the alarm there will be a fuseable link on a in line pull out that fuse and your alarm won't work anymore. Sometime there is a kill switch on that box that may or may not be wired in the fuse box. Get a test light trace that down color code usually very by makes or year.

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