cherrybomb2 Asked: How do you get rid of "xp home security 2012" virus?

This stupid virus randomly showed up on my uncle's computer. When you run it in safe mode, it won't allow you to get to internet explorer, or anything else. Any help?


Bite Answered:
You have a VIRUS!
To combat this threat, please follow the following instructions:

Turn the computer on, and boot into safe mode.
This is usually performed by depressing the F8 key during the boot-up process.
This is not a mandatory operation, but does provide extra protection while proceeding.

At the logon screen, log on to the computer.
Once you are at the desktop, go to the control panel.
Create a new user account with administrator privileges.
Download, install, update and run Anti-virus software and Anti-malware scanner, if available.
*** See links below for trial and free software to help combat this threat ***

After threat(s) are discovered, remove with pertinent software(s).
Utilize Windows Explorer or My Computer to access personal folder(s) & file(s).
Move these folder(s) & file(s) to a safe location.Example(s)Memory stick, external storage device.

*** Warning, this procedure will remove ALL files for that user. ***
Once this procedure is completed, delete the old user account in control panel.

Re-boot the computer.
Log on to the computer using the new user account again.
Re-create the old user account, if desired.

Congratulations, you have just combated a viral threat and won!

Soul Gold Answered:
I had a similar problem except xp its 7 lol. I tried the usual safe mode and running the malware scan and when I restarted it was still there. What I did is do a system restore to an earlier time before I got the virus and the virus was gone. Back up before you do the system restore though.

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