Amanda Bushwell Asked: How do you sneak a boy into your house when someone else is home?

I'm 17 and my brother is usually home playing video games in his room which he never leaves. he wakes up late like around 1:30pm andd it's basically like i'm home alone. I never see him. I want to have a guy over but I don't want to get caught. My room and my brother's room are on the second story and i could always sneak the boy thru the basement. I'm not sure what else i can do. help! 10 points for best answer. ohh and I can't sneak him in at night because we have an alarm system. I'm like never home alone!


Benjamin C Answered:
Put him down your bra

Destiny Answered:
Before you attempt this endeavor, you need to ask yourself a vital question, If the plan were to fail, can you deal with the consequences? If the answer is yes then ok. Before the alarm kicks in at night, sneak him in your basement and have him stay there until night when no one will be up, or you could just stake out your house, and run straight from your basement to your room. Then make sure you have a quick spot he can hide in your room just in case someone comes to your room. I hope this helps, and if you can tell me how it turns out. Good luck.

peace out Answered:
I would say just have him come around like 9 in the morning… And if u dont mind me asking what will u be doing?

Tsao Calloway Answered:

Missmonie Answered:
i'm having this same problem right now. Except I'm 14

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