Asked: How to get my parents to trust me, and let me learn from my own mistakes?

I'm 15, on the crew team, in yearbook, taking 5 classes at school, and two online. I have lots of friends, and hanf out with them. We never have done anything bad- like drugs, or sneaking out and partying. Never even had a boyfriend. They ONLY bad thing i've ever done is they found a couple curse words I said on twitter, but they didn't make a huge deal of it or anything, just told me to delete them. Which I did. (makes me a little mad, it's not exactly their decision). Generally they are pretty relaxed, but sometimes they won't let me, say, go to starbucks with my friends for no reason. They think they need to control how i manage my time so I'll accomplish everything I need too. I'm mature, and I think I can handle my time fine on my own. They also won't let me have my phone in my room on school nights. They won't tell me why wither (this rule was created before the twitter incident, which i dont think should effect it. If I don't get enough sleep one night because of bad choices, don't you think the next morning I'd think, hmmm that was a bad idea. Might be a good lesson, right? I think I could learn from mistakes as I make them. That's what life's about! It's stressful when they dont try to restrict me for no reason. (ex: I want my phone in my room so i can use it's alarm. i have an alarm in my room, but i have it turned down as loud as it will go and it still sounds like sirrens in my ear every morning. It's jarring.) Do you think if i sat down and talked to them about it, they would loosen up a bit?


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