Asked: How to know if you get caught stealing from Walmart?

Before anything please don't give me the whole speech on this subject. I'm a nice person. If you ask for something an I have it I will give it to you even if its my last. For a week or two I've been letting a friend hold my car at night cause she needs to go to the store an I'm to lazy to take it. Come to find out she was using it to steal stuff out of Walmart. The stuff she's been stealing is nail polish, nail stuff with everything needed to put on fake nails, nail polish remover, some stick things to put on the nails like a design, this hour teeth whiten kit, teeth whiten strips, eye drops, apple headphones, these bluetooth wireless headphones (that is worth $60 an had a lock thing infront of them when I saw it in the store), these docttor schols foot things (some type of thing you have to put your feet on a machine an you do whatever it say an it tells you why your feet hurt so much an gives you a recommendation on which ones you should buy), an a instyler flat iron ( yes the one that's worth over $100 an has a alarm thing on it. But the one she took somehow diddnt). The reason I know all this is cause she goes with another friend to do it an she told me what was going on when I asked why do they ask to borrow my car so late. For me I would think the bluetooth wireless headphones, instyler or the doctor shoces foot things would set off the alarm. But they are so smart that they go to the bathroom located in the back of the store wait till they don't see anybody walk in an start taking the things they would thing set off the alarm an stick it in their purses along with the other stolen items an put the things it came in the trashcan kindof hidden so nobody won't see it. My question is how in the hell can they walk out the store with that type of stuff an don't get caught? Does walmart cenors work at night? Does the cameras work or just their for show in the store an parking lot?


You would know if you got caught. Camera are not for show; they are very real.

Not only do they have cameras inside, they also have them outside.I would be ready for the cops to show up at your front door.

The cameras are definitely not for show number one. They are there and they check them fairly regularly, almost everyday depending on which location. To answer your question about how she is getting away with this is quite simple. I work at a Target which is very similar to Walmart ( I also have known 2 Assets Managers at Walmart for a number of years) and basically the way things are ran is that they will let whoever it is steal for a number of days (sometimes up to 1-2 months), catch them on camera to make sure they've ID the right person. Once they confirm it is the same person they wait like a tiger until they come in again, physically watch them take something, and then take 'em down. They call the authorities, have that person arrested and they also hand over all of the footage they have and give an estimated total as to how much they have stolen.

In your friend's case, she may never get caught since it seems to mainly be little things only worth a couple bucks (in comparison to their daily sales) so they could probably careless how much she takes for right now (couple months down the road and shes still doing it there might be a problem). Now if she upgrades to stealing bigger things that are consistently up over $100 each night etc. there is a good chance she will be in jail within that 2-3 month period.

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