ThaBeszt Asked: How to stay up for the next 12 hours !! 10 points and 5 stars !?

Okay so dont tell me its unhealthy or anythinq ! Just help me ! Okay so i have school in 3 hours but if i fall asleep now ill be knocked put and wont here my alarm and if i stay up all day i will make it on time and everything but i have no idea how ! The first time i did and went to school i crashed big time in class so i mean tell me im 15 years old i dont really drink energy stuff so i dont know how it will affect me and right now im going through some stomach pains and a little diarrea so keep that in mind thanks alot :)


Yellow Answered:
First and foremost: don't overdo it on energy drinks. Not only is it unheathly, but it will make you crash. Eat a good breakfast, and maybe drink some coffee and/or energy drinks before school and during lunch. If you start getting tired, try biting the inside of your mouth or chewing gum. That's what I do.

Pam Answered:
Splash cold water on your face. Eat a bit of toast. Pinch yourself now and again. Get some fresh air. In class pinch yourself if you feel like your about to drift off. Ask the teacher if you can open the window a little for some fresh air. Get a classmate to keep an eye out in case you drift off so they can wake you before teacher notices. In all honesty I think you should take the day off of school if you are feeling ill.


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