Betrayed Asked: How to stop bad, painful nightmares?

About 3/4 of the time when I do dream, they're unpleasant. And most of those I'd say are nightmares. It ranges from having to deal with someone I hate, to getting shot, beat, drowning or any other bad things you could imagine. And these are nightmares I actually feel. Fake injurys, but I actually feel real pain and wake up struggling to breathe or twitching and whatnot because of the nightmares. (I've dies many times, once though it kept going on into me being a ghost and having to relive the worst breakup I've ever had)

Now I've tried everything I can think of to help it. The most common remedy I hear about is reliving the nightmare in my head over and over, but changing it to something bearable. That's doesn't help. No matter how I change it, doesn't help. I've also tried reading boring books, playing games, lookig up funny pictures, drawing, writing, and sleeping with music or white noise playing. Even old black & white comedy channel on tv while asleep. Is there anything else you can think of to stop having so many nightmares? Or at least help so they aren't so bad, and I don't actually feel getting hurt?

Idk if this matters, but my room has no windows. I sleep alone (well, my dog stays in here) in a room with only my alarm clock light on it's lowest setting. And I used to cover that up so it was pitch black.


John Answered:
Those nightmares are probably from demons.Become a born-again Christian, as per Romans chapter 10 in the Bible.Then command those demons to go, as per Luke 10:19 and Mark chapter 16.

Fred Hoehn

Fred Answered:
I'm no expert, but I'm wondering if your REM sleep is disrupted somehow? Do you take any medicines or pop pills or drink alcohol? Many meds, like antidepressants, can bring on VERY vivid dreams.Other meds can disrupt REM sleep, and when stopped the body goes into REM 'overdrive'.
Even cold medicines can cause nightmares, in my experience.

Another thing I wonder if it could be is the light situation? Again, I am no expert, so this is something you need to look into.Could a dark room be doing this? Or too much artificial light?

A tip I have heard about is to shut off your computer and cell phone for two hours before you got to sleep-the light on monitors and phones mimics natural light.Natural light stimulates serotinin production via the retina-and serotonin production is linked to sleep cycles (which is why people with depression are urged to go out for walks, and why 'light boxes' and serotinine increasing antidepressants work so well).My guess is its this last one.If none of these help, see a doctor or get a sleep study done.Good luck!

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