SS Asked: I bought a blouse from an out of state store. When I got home I discovered the security tag still on

the garment.Does anyone know how to remove these things?I don't think it's the kind with dye.


The Thinking Man Answered:
Well, if you want to try to remove by yourself: there is a little metal pin, about thickness of a 2.5 inch paper clip. If you have metal cutters thin enough to go in between them then cut it. Or do as above says.

Allan Burns Answered:
see if theres a branch of the store instate and take it to them with the receipt and ask them to remove it. other wise you could try a pair of wire dykes to cut the pin between the two sides

Doctor Snark Answered:
Translation: I stole a blouse and want to get the security tag off.

PJ Answered:
I appear to be the only one so far to have guessed why you REALLY asked this question. You know you'll be on CCTV, right? :-)

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