Asked: I have a fear that guys will think i’m unattractive if they see me close up?

I wouldn't say I have low self-confidence (maybe a little) but sometimes i doubt my attractiveness and i think, what on earth does this guy see in me??!!

For example, there's this guy who i don't really know that catches the same train as me to school everyday. and i KNOW he always stares at me all the time when i don't look at him, and when i look at him, he quickly looks away, always. Now, we've never stood face to face, but i'm worried that one day, IF he approaches me and he gets fairly close to my face, he'll think LOL JOKES YOUR FUGLY…

is this just stupid of me because it is actually a genuine fear of mine!! That people think i'm alright looking from a distance, but up close they'll be like "naaaahhh false alarm" hahaha

what do you think? do think that it is possible for someone to obviously like the way you look (say, at least 5 metres away), but think you're unattractive close up??


I have the same problem -_-I feel like when they actually get a good look at me they will be like o.O

of course, you cant see the person clearly
but if this guy rides the train with u, im sure he's somewhat close & knows how u look like

when u see a guy starting at u & u catch him looking & he looks away, he's probably shy he got caught looking

dont sweat it girl.

I totally get this fear all the time! I think to myself I look nice from a distance, but up close I look absolutely horrible. I'm sure you look fine far and near!

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