Asked: i live in sheltered housing but it is individual houses own front door etc and there is a?

, isa alarm system, and just recently the house above me has become occupied by a mana very noiseymanit isa councilhouseand i believe the housing gave him a carpet for his living room but not in his bedroom and not in his hall , so it is just bare floor boards above my bedroom and my hall and the sound of footsteps are horrific as he does not sleep much, this is a disturbance to me as it means i dont have any sound insolationshould i take this up with the enviramental healthor the housing i am kept awake all nightshould they not by law put some sort of covering on flooradvice pleasethanks


I'm definitely positive there is no violation because they don't have carpet on the floor…but you can always make a complaint!

Have you considered having a friendly chat with your upstairs neighbour? Point out that living in flats means that noise travels easily and that even stuff they might not be aware of affects others in the block. Ask if they'd mind removing their outdoor shoes when indoors, or wearing soft-soled slippers/socks only, or if they'd be able to put a rug down on the floor to muffle the noise. Just making them aware that you can hear them moving about might prompt them to be a bit defter with their footfall – they probably haven't a clue their walking about disturbs you so much.

There's no 'law' as such requiring anybody, council or otherwise, to lay flooring – although it might be worth making an enquiry at the council housing office as many councils have guidelines regarding floor coverings and their impact on noise levels, and they may provide the new tenant with further carpets on this basis. Environmental health would be largely uninterested: disturbing as heavy footfall may be to you, everybody needs to walk around their home and unless your neighbour is dancing the conga above you day and night, it can't be considered antisocial or in violation of rules about noise level.

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