Cahiami Asked: I think I am really sick. Should I go to the hospital or doctor?

Ok so I don't have the best health history and I dont want to go into long detail about my past so i will try to stick to the current problem. I am 23 years old 5'5 and 195lbs (but quite muscular and active) I am overweight and have been struggling with this for years. I have a large thyroid nodule that has been growing larger over the past 2 years. about a year and a half ago I had it biopsied and it came back a benign. Well increasingly over the past year or so I have been becoming more and more exhuausted. I am having a lot of trouble keeping myself going. My work demands a lot out of me and I never had a problem with it, I enjoy working hard, it helps time fly. Well lately (over the past year) I have begun to have problems keeping up with the work load. More alarmingly over the past two weeks I have hit rock bottom. I have trouble lifting even the lighter boxes to the point that I have to strain to do the simplest tasks. My joints are constantly screaming at me as if they can't support any weight or straining. Every muscle in my body hurts and when I come home from work I fall asleep and dont wake up until time to go to work again, feeling worse than the day before. Some days I will sleep for 12 hours.. one day I even slept for 24 hours and I am constantly tired. The other day I counted 22 bruises all over my body, on my arms and legs. I have always bruised easily but never to this extent. I am constantly nautious and have trouble eating anything. I am always hungry and thirsty but don't feel like eating anything for fear of getting sick. I also have a large lump growing on the back right side of my neck, same side as the thyroid nodule. It is slightly sore to the touch. When i am actually awake I feel like I am in a brain fog and that I could fall over at any moment… its as if my entire body is just giving up on anything other than sleeping. My boyfriend says that when I sleep he tries to wake me up but i never remember talking to him, its like im in a coma. I have also been losing weight slowly but nothing too alarming. I get short of breath for no reason (which could be due to smoking). My problem is I do not have a way to get to my doctor for an appointment andI already have a lot of doctors bills from the past. I live very close to the hospital and could just walk there, but im afraid that they wont take me seriously because it isnt a "life threatening emergency" I also cant afford to get the blood tests I need to get because my insurance only covers a percentage and I still have others i need to pay back. I don't know if I should just go to the hospital and say that I am having fatigue, lethargy, and weakness and see what they can find out.. or if I should go through the long drawn out process of setting up an appointment (that I probably will miss) and then driving around to get blood tests and waiting for the results and then setting up another biopsy etc.. I think it will take too long and I need help NOW. My performance at work is failing and I am a shift manager.. I am also miserable every single day without any relief. I have done research online and I think it could be one of a few things. Hypothyroidism, leukemia or lymphoma, or possible liver/kidney disease. My last blood tests showed that I had a lowered liver count and kidney count. I am assuming that the liver is from my past with drinking and the kidney from a terrible kidney infection I had about 4 years back. I am also afraid that it could be nothing and I am just over reacting and I really dont want to waste my money for nothing… Please help… I need to figure out what to do right now…


Summergirl18 Answered:
Go to the ER. And if that doesn't help, try to get into your doctor ASAP.

Squirrel Answered:
Your health is not a waste of money, go to the doctor, stop reading Web MD and get a real doctor. Obviously this is not normal.

Country Girl Answered:
That was long. Go to the hospital or a medquick place. Explain the situation and they should understand.

syco noodles Answered:
if your really sick somehow i don't think you would have managed to type all that out,

ly down and take a couple of paracetamols

Caitlin Answered:
ER. Now.

Ingrid Smiles Answered:
The constantly tired part and bruising part sounds like anemia to me.

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