Asked: I think I started my period, but I’m still not do sure.?

I think I started my period two weeks ago. But a few days ago I wiped and saw blood, so I thought I started my period for the second time, but when I looked down around in my private area I saw that i had like a wealt/boil sorta thing that looked like this huge pimple or something that had started bleeding and that's what was causing me to think I had started my period again. But now, looking back, I never had many of the PMS symtoms. And I think I remember that before I thought I started my period the first time I had one of these things then too. Is it possible that I thought I had started because it started bleeding then? Did I tell my mom an family (that are girls) I had started my period too early? Am I goin to have to tell them that it was a false alarm?? Oh by the way, tonight when I was getting into my pjs I noticed that I am only now starting to get discharge for the first time, I think. Have I started???? Or was it a fake out?????


I don't think so simply because you said you saw that pimple like "THING" the boil.. down there the first time when you though you started your period. I think most females get boils including myself. They can come from ingrown hair and sometimes the boils pop on their own and bleed. When you wiped, you wiped the blood from that boil once more. BUT, unfortunately since you seen discharge tonight your REAL period shall be coming soon hun. And when I say soon..I mean real soon lol Good Luck

If you barly got discharge for the First time..,then no tht wasnt your period…!

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