Asked: I want to buy home security system?

I have 6000 SF home build in brick and concrete, two stories and detached kitchen and maid room.The house pre-wired for alarm.In addition the main gate and fence build of concrete as well.One of the requirements when the house armed for stay-inany motion inside the outdoor fence should trigger an alarm.
The house is overseas where no center station to monitor, so we are forced to do stand alone with GSM capability.Due to the size and structure I am not sure if I can use wireless devices or mix between wire and wireless.The house has 3 main doors and about 50 windows.The house located in area where frequent power outage and extreme heat and humidity.
I want to purchase a reliable system that can handle all these devices.
I will add home automation devices to it in the near future as well.devices like like lights control.
what is the best system



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That's a pretty big request.

The problem with wireless is that you can jam it with some software and a laptop. Or even hijack the camera to monitor what is going on inside (depending on the camera but most use linux OS and are never updated or patched) so I would avoid wireless if you can.

Maybe sit down with someone to setup the cameras so they cover all of the fields of view.

Make sure you setup backup batteries to deal with any power outages (all of the devices need to be tied into it). Maybe consider solar as a way to also provide recharging to the backup batteries for any extended power outages.

Heat and humidity are the bane of electronics. Try getting a dehumidifier and get the humidity to around 50%. Keep any computers/electronics in cool dark places with plenty of ventilation.

I don't know of any turn-key solution for you that will cover this. Typically people either contract with a security company to install or they set it up themselves using different solutions.

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